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Four elements dominate the world - the ground, water, fire and air,

generating the fifth element - the person reasonable, that is,


Which holds in harness pipes and cables four elements

the iron mechanical world:

The METAL giving a support, the WATER bearing movement, FUEL and

OIL giving rise fire and force and AIR inhaling a life in dead machines which

generate from the bowels elements the fifth - ENERGY,

which so from us wait.


On this site you can find forums of seamen. Crewing companies of Odessa. To find job. Programs for seamen. To download wallpapers on a desktop, to esteem jokes, the toasts, interesting clauses. To look the catalogue of useful links. To see exchange rates. To learn weather in Odessa, the schedule of trains, buses, planes, Kiev-Odessa. To check up files on viruses. To send SMS. The converter almost all currencies of the world. To download java scripts, applets, GIF animation. News. An eternal calendar. Time in different cities of the world. An exchange of banners. Search living in Odessa on a phone number and a surname. Hotels of Odessa. The order of a taxi


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